No More Stalingrads, No More Dieppe Raids–Time for Operation Husky

This is my first post on this new blog, which I intend to use as a sort of linchpin to tie together my various fledgling social media outlets (YT, FB, and Twit) as well as my novel, my book of poetry, my manifesto, and my forthcoming book of three plays. I have sputtered several times with misguided efforts to start a website or blog, but this one is here to stay.

Through much of my life, since I was an adolescent, I used to think of my very existence as being immutably fraught by struggle. I constantly thought of my life in terms of WWII metaphors. Everything was my Operation Barbarossa or my Stalingrad or my Kursk or my Berlin 1945. But then in the past couple years, I started thinking differently. I started talking about my little maneuvers–ones which I had no intention of seeing through to substantial or permanent fruition, such as my little poetry and novel tours of this summer and last–as my “Dieppe raids”. Maybe you know, but these were operations launched in the pre-turning-point days of WWII not by the Nazis, but by the Allies. This was a radical reversal of my line of thinking–I no longer identified with the side that was to end up on the losing side of history. It’s not like I started drinking some Koolaid; I simply started thinking in terms of winning.

Today, ladies and gentleman, not only will there be no more Stalingrads, Kursks, and Berlin 1945s, but I am also no longer making Dieppe raids. This blog, and indeed my entire internet presence, is here to stay. It will only continue to gather in strength in the air and on the ground…

Happy cycling!




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