Aleksandr Dugin’s Low Fluid Intelligence

Aleksandr Dugin just posted a startlingly slowly-worded, type-cast “critique” of transhumanism. Now, I am not one to get caught up in the halo of vogue that surrounds the hip concept of “transhumanism” because, after all, it is by no means a new concept or trend.

Some of you may know that I have little patience for emotive, kneejerk reactionism (yes, I confess that this itself is kneejerk response), and that I have a penchant for breaching etiquette in the reactosphere by more or less shouting “Fuck yo’ sensibilities!”

So now, pardon me while I roast Dugin, who I have long pegged as a Tom Clancyist who fetishizes Risk-style geopolitics that you can rest assured are moot, irrelevant, and distracting. Like those moments of rock-bottom social isolation where you stay up all night researching casualty counts of past human conflicts–big waste of time, masturbatory, and juvenile.

I feel that Dugin fails to recognize the lack of clear demarcations between, say, the car he drives to work and the decision to implant some hypothetical Google chip behind his eyeball. After all, the car is an extension of his self. Same goes for the computer he works on or some hypothetical pacemaker or nanobot to be employed in keeping his meatsack kickin’.

I can’t help but speculate that Dugin is impaired by low fluid intelligence. Perps this is something he’s compensated for over the course of his life by cultivating a highly refined crystallized intelligence–IE: perhaps he learned how to carry himself ‘intelligently’. I say this because his opinion seems to belie a failure in his ability to adapt to an environment characterized by perpetual flux.

I eagerly await the day when true revolutionaries can see the failures of antiracism and its associated political positions, and critique it non-emotively and for reasons other than the self-preservation of their “kin”.

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