Why I Indulge in Folly

Y’all may have noticed by now that I say and do some crazy, bombastic stuff on YouTube. Here is my explanation:

Humor and seriousness must be commingled in correct proportion if a radical new idea is to ever make its way into the discourse. I therefore garb myself in the absurd in order to elude categorization–to make it clear that this is indeed something new–to invite people to put in the effort required to start making proper sense of what I’m saying. You have to want to understand me. If you elude categorization, people must assess you and your ideas from scratch.

I’m a new ideological species. (I would love to say “we” but AFAIK I speak only for myself.) This is why I like to say asinine, crazy shit in some of my YouTube videos, and in some of my social media outlets (such as my Gab account).

My goal is not to convince the masses (of alt-righters and WNs). I just want to end up attracting enough of the right people (even just a handful) to start actually staring down Antiracism in the eye, in real life.

I’m aware that this sounds obscurantist, but it is necessary packaging.

And I know it also sounds like arrogance or hubris on my part, but nonviolent direct action is what I want to do with my life. I have approached countless alt-right and WN figureheads offering myself toward this end, and they have all confabulated various reasons why we should all, instead, do nothing.

(Nevertheless, I should reiterate: I’m willing to make drastic ideological concessions and get behind anybody else’s activism initiatives. If you know anybody trying to do anything, tell me.)

My theory about alt-right and WN figureheads’ addiction to inertia is that they’re fatally besmirched by their own guilty consciences, or else they grown preoccupied with fostering subculture as an end unto itself.

Or maybe the alt-right and WN subcultures simply have not yet wrapped their heads around the full body of the problem humanity is facing.

Human history has as an essential thread the ritualized destruction of giants. Antiracism is such a giant. We will not succeed at whittling away at it through “neoreactionary” pushback. We may deceive ourselves into thinking that we are winning, but this is an illusion caused by cognitive bias. We are losing, receding. We will continue to recede until something dramatic changes within us.

We need to start virtue signaling:

Why don’t I hit the streets alone? I’ve wrestled with this idea for a long time. “There is no such thing as private meaning.” I need an audience. I need the moral support network. I need comrades whom I can’t let down.



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