My Take on Millennial Woes

In this vid I address what I see as a fundamental flaw in Millennial Views’ mentality (and indeed that of the overwhelming majority of Alt-Righters). Tldr: I think that their worldview is constructed from a very narrow perspective and for no other purpose than to feed their own racial egoism–a balm for their impotence and inertia with regards to actually effecting real change and bringing about an end to the tyranny of Antiracism.

His video, entitled “Racism: Inescapable, Unavoidable, Essential” can be found here:

Basically, MW is arguing that we need to downgrade our social contract with non-whites. However, I would argue that it is more or less psychologically impossible to be /impolite/ to other people with whom we become irrevocably psychosocially familiar with. Thus, to start looking out strictly for ethnic self-interest requires that we more or less live under rocks or build walls. This is psychologically impractical, if not wholly impossible. Therefore, we must develop a critique of Antiracism which can weather the tides of mass migration and mass communication.

The root of the problem is not ‘pathological altruism’, per se. The root of the problem is the dogmatic premise of racial blank slatism upon which our entirely post-racial morality is predicated. Once we wean the moral public off of this fallacious dogma, all will fall rightly into place.

Put elsewise: We should shut up about group interests, which already has a terrible reputation in the history of Western moral philosophy, but rather pursue the equality which we are so sorely lacking under the Antiracist regime.

The ‘us’ versus ‘them’ narrative we’ve become slaves to is preventing us from getting anywhere.

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