How to Argue for HBD

As many of us may have learned from our experiences getting embroiled in scientistic arguments with adherents of the mainstream Antiracist morality (all sociocultural structures predicated on the theory of racial blank slatism), belief does not follow from justification. Deploying logical or scientistic arguments in trying to persuade them that the theory of racial blank slatism is pseudoscientific is absolutely futile. This is applies to most anybody who aspires upwardly socioeconomically or upward toward the moral elite, and even if they don’t directly benefit from Antiracism. They can be the smartest people in the world, but if they are even remotely benefiting from the comforts and security of being in the good graces of Antiracism, they will be deaf to whatever you say.

Belief precedes justification. The struggle will be won–and this is the ultimate struggle of our era, the biggest struggle that we will bear witness to in our lifetimes–only through what amounts to virtue signaling. By embracing the archetypes incumbent on people in our predicament and assigned to this historical role as moral revolutionaries. We must exude sincerity and optimism. We must absolutely shun violence and hatred. We must intimately explore radical empathy and aspire toward its ideal in all of our social thought processes and contexts. We must ablate our egos and our racial egos. We must step out from the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ narrative which the alt-right so readily clings to. We must become champions of the human species and indeed all sentient life. We must give charity in order to clean ourselves out within. We must purify our consciences at every opportunity.

We must be willing to endure great personal suffering. We must be willing to be spat on by angry mobs. We must be willing to turn the other cheek and bite our tongues (I’m bad at lots of this stuff, to be totally honest). We must refuse to blink even when they throw punches at us.

To respond to violence with violence, be it speech or not, is to admit to defeat. It is a game of chicken. Whoever loses their composure first admits defeat.

We must realize that this situation that humanity faces is bigger than any mere “survival of the white race” trope.

Oh, and we must stop thinking about “saving the white race” but, rather, pose universalist moral arguments against Antiracism.

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