The Right to Exercise Inductive Logic

I am steadfast in my belief that all people should be granted full sovereignty over their own epistemologies. When a woman walks through the ghetto at night, she should not be shamed for having arrived at the notion–be it through subjective inductive logic based on past experiences, or through inherited wisdom–that she should walk to the other side of the street when she notices a black man approaching her.


Because it is her life, and it is in her hands. She should be forced by top-down conformist pressures to subscribe to an ideologically-motivated, constructed reality. It is like sending innocents to war, to possibly die, for a dubious cause which will in no way benefit the draftee.

That said, however, I am equally staunch in saying that I, personally, would not cross to the opposite side of the street.


Because I have no fear of black men walking through the ghetto at night. I don’t fear them because I respect them. In their eyes, I see myself.

You should too.

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