Thoughts on Trump

I woke up from one of those deep, deep catnaps. I had never before really thought so penetratingly about Trump, who I think the man to be.

At first, I realized how potentially fucked we are. This is a man who seems to have little idea of the complexities of the world, and that he just blurts stuff out without thinking about how it will be received. This is a potentially extremely dangerous thing.

But then I thought more about it as I woke up. Trump blurts stuff out because he is utterly transparent. His entire persona is that of somebody who levels with people, and makes deals.

Such a person is not the kind who starts wars.

I think he’s just a really nice guy who wants to make America great again, leveraging the fact that he’s not part of the mainstream DC clique.

Trump, on his own, will not do anything too egregious. Yes, there may be mass deportations of illegal immigrants, but that (hate to say it) is not really all that egregious. Only way you could fairly call it egregious is by observing that the US-Mexico border has been de facto open (or at least porous) for at least as long as I have been alive — something that should be taken into account.

If Trump does do anything egregious, I think it will be in direct response to mindless antifa provocation (perhaps through criminal violence and treason) against what they see him as standing for — as one who does not genuflect before an expressly anti-white mainstream moral ideology — rather than what he actually does.

The burden is on Trump to build and maintain the confidence of those would-be ‘mindless provocateurs’ rather than inflame their hatred of him.

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