Why Make a Universalist Moral Argument?

Firstly, I would like to take a moment to repudiate the few days in which I flirted with the idea that Trump’s election is a good thing. I hereby revert to my stance that people who obsessed over seeing Trump win the presidency were, and are, pathetic and out of touch with reality. Culture > Politics.

But where does culture come from?

It comes from our perceptions of reality.

Where do perceptions of reality come from?

They come from the consensus.

Where does the consensus come from?

The sociocultural, socioeconomic elite. Most Trumpkins–virtually all alt-righters–know very little of the elite, the ‘globalists’. I, however, have roamed among them in many ways. I have no merely peeked over fences and seen them in my classrooms.

What motivates them to demonize ‘white racism’? And what causes them to hush their voices and try to sweep under the rug ‘the open secret of our era’?

It is because whoever holds the moral high ground, holds the power. And if you achieve a hegemonic socioeconomic position in society, the only way you can retain this privileged position is by being a fucking upstanding man or woman. You must maximize your kindness to those who buttress your status.

You want to know why I think it’s such folly for the old cabal of the alt-right to obsess over scientistic arguments for HBD? Because it is like they’re talking to a wall, banging their heads against the wall. Why is it so futile for them to confront directly the blue pilled masses in dialectic?

Because “truth” can never be divorced from biological needs.

Have you studied epistemology and evolutionary psychology and theory of knowledge? And theory of science?

When I did, and when I studied psych like Solomon Asch experiments, it hit me like a sack of bricks that reasoning and justification does not precede belief and “knowledge”. We believe whatever incurs survival fitness. And what is most likely to incur survival fitness has, for humans, quite little to do with physical reality. It has everything yo do with social reality.

This is why all attempts to ‘prove’ to a moral agent the falsity of “all races are interchangeable” is utterly futile.

This is why we must construct a universalist moral argument, and crop from view anything that might tarnish our undivided sincerity in doing so.

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