Disparate Impact

I love how the logic of disparate impact is fervently applied to stuff like crime statistics, but when it comes to stuff like “top ten percent of each graduating class” affirmative action in education, which was explicitly implemented as a work-around for Supreme Court rulings–that is considered permissible if not worthy of applause. Stuff like university admissions needs to be completely colorblind, and perhaps needs to be based strictly on objective measures like test scores. Why? Because our Antiracist morality is such that admissions officers will feel compelled to skew their selections in favor of ‘colorful’ applicants to the detriment of whites and Asians.

The big point here is that culture is more important than law. We need it to become patently uncool if not outright immoral to make assumptions about correlations–or any lack thereof–between race and cognitive traits. The moral superiority of blackness needs to be dumped.

Beyond achieving cultural equality, problems of discrimination in education could perhaps be addressed by having universal free higher education. This could be made possible by no longer having stringent matriculation formalities and by using web-based open courseware. Not to say that cultural milieu isn’t more important (it is) than access to educational resources, but…

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