Thoughts on Genetic Diversity, and the Abolition of ‘Whiteness’ and Returning to National Identities

My Speculation on the Origins of Recessive Genes:

What do you think of the idea that the frequency of recessive gene in a population genome implies the degree to which evolutionary pressures have valued cooperation of the kind which requires insular genetic diversity–IE: division of labor and so forth? I have had only fleeting exposure to evidence for this, but it is something I have often thought about vis a vis the idea that different populations have different frequencies of recessive traits. I would imagine that populations with high frequencies of recessive traits would also, therefore, have more prosocial tendencies.

Why I Call Myself a Racist:

A main thrust of my shtick is to end the war on ‘white racism’ (whatever that may be). Therefore, I will not scale back my willingness to express solidarity with all of the victims of antiracism I have rubbed shoulders with–and those I haven’t–over the (almost) three decades I have been alive. Moreover, I am a ‘racist’ inasmuch as I am willing to acknowledge the great consilience of evidence that race is a meaningful construct which allows us to discuss meaningful clusters of variation in the human genome. This, of course, is not to say that I think we shouldn’t try to overcome a racialized view of the people we meet and interact with, nor do I think we should that we should view races as anything other than approximate phenotype and variations in frequencies of traits and so forth. I think all public policy needs to be affirmatively agnostic on all questions of race~intelligence, and that we must admit ‘intelligence’ to be the blackbox that it is.

Thoughts on ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White Guilt’ and Racial Egoism:

“I generally would recommend Europeans to identify more specific to their ethnic heritage”. This is a common trope in people who apologize on behalf of alt-righters, but prefer to do so only with a ten-foot pole. I mostly agree with this, but my enthusiasm for this argument is tepid. Yes, ‘whites’ endure collective punishment with no endgame in sight for the crimes of a small minority of whites who were responsible for, or at least benefitted from, past injustices. So, absolutely, even if we accept antiracism’s staunch adherence to collective and inherited guilt, a ‘white American’ whose grandparents immigrated from Ireland in the 50s should be able to identify as Irish-American and be absolved of any/all ‘white guilt’.

Then again, however, while I don’t dispute that there are naturally occurring undercurrents of racial discrimination, as subtle as they are immutable, levied by whites against blacks–I would just as quickly argue that such discrimination a) pales in comparison to the overwhelming and explicit discrimination, both institutional and cultural, of the mainstream antiracist morality and b) is caused less by mindless ‘in-group versus outgroup’ bigotry and more due to accumulated inductive wisdom that there are meaningful and significant differences in frequencies and degrees-of-expression of prosocial traits that vary by racial features such as skin tone.

That said, I do recognize that ethnic insularity and ‘identity’ are immutable features of the human mind. We get along with, and identify with, others more easily if we have common features, be it through shared life contexts or through appearance. I also see this as being entailed by the ineradicable divisive force of assortive mating.

Over all, though, I think racial egoism or ethnic egoism should be frowned upon for everybody. I think this for numerous reasons. Sure, black people should try to nudge their fellow blacks to be good people, and whites should do the same to whites. But if you’re implying that whites should feel some sort of collective guilt for slavery, this is something I find extremely problematic for many reasons.

But yeah, I think that the hegemonic mainstream morality of Antiracism needs to be heavily corrected. It needs to scale back its ‘all races are the same and all people are blank slates’ dogma to something decidedly agnostic on questions of race~intelligence, and it needs to either pursue full colorblindness or else admit the rights of whites to cleave to any sort of ethnic pride they want, be it Irish to Irish heritage of ‘white American’ to ‘white American’ heritage. I’m not necessarily pushing my own sensibilities, just calling a spade a spade and honestly discussing the possible routes by which this is going to play out. As it stands Antiracism /will/ be drastically revised in the next few years.

I’m sure some/many in the past “invented” ‘whiteness’ to encourage feelings of supremacy, but I think it was also invented to cover basic taxonomic ground with regards to culture and traits along the most salient phenotypic features. ‘Whiteness’ was also invented in order to encourage feelings of /unity/ between European ethnic groups which were previously stricken by constant violent conflicts. Of course, this came at the cost of stoking conflict and ‘othering’ between so-called ‘whites’ and ‘non-whites’.

It’s unfortunate that the human mind defines by negation. Every ‘this’ exists only by dint of the ‘that’ which it is not. The human mind also cannot seem to help but generalizing collections of discrete entities into something monolithic.

The ‘abolition of whiteness’ trope, which is in many ways one of the main ideological currents underlying the war on ‘white racism’, is problematic for many reasons which I think you can think of for yourself. It is dogged by bootstrapping problems associated with the nature of language.

Moreover, this assessment of the origins of the word “white” sort of implies the same ‘original sin’ thesis pushed by the Antiracist narrative. Again, my discussion is predicated on the belief that ‘there seem to be meaningful and significant differences between human populations’, and that this is perhaps a more probable root cause of disparities in quality of life and socioeconomic status we observe in society between people with different skin colors–at least, this is a viable enough explanation for disparities such that we should ABSOLUTELY NOT be waging this massive, decades-long, overwhelming, Orwellian war on the ever-elusive ‘white racism’.

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