As Seen in VICE and The New York Times

This is by now old news, but in the immediate aftermath of the NPI conference, myself and my novel were both namedropped in The New York Times and VICE. I will also most likely be appearing in interview footage from The Atlantic and Kamau Bell’s video for CNN.

All the journalists were pretty fair with me, if not outright awesome, although the photographer for VICE spent like five minutes (IE: a long time) having me adjust the angle I held my head and my positioning in the lighting. When I saw my photo in VICE, I could hardly recognize myself in the hideous photo she had taken, perhaps even photoshopped. I guess she was “just following orders” or something like that.

Here’s what the VICE writer quoted me as saying:

I’m not really a white nationalist. But I see anti-racism as a dystopic thing that once gave the benefit of the doubt to the idea of racial differences and has evolved into this stifling dogma that has a scapegoat and that scapegoat is white people and those who are deemed as racist. I see anti-racism as not just bad for whites, but bad for everyone. I’m not a white supremacist, either. Nor do I see myself as that intelligent. I don’t see myself as a WASP or whatever. In some ways, I identify with people of color more. But I do think there are different frequencies of different traits in different populations. I feel like this dogma we have that we are all the same is bad for everyone. It is on this basis that we have these unequal cultural policies that penalize white people, create double standards, and has become dystopic.

In other news, check out my great video exposition on the art of coping with the baseless, virulent hatred that dissidents to the hegemonic morality of Antiracism must deal with:

Anyway, everybody let me know if you see me in The Atlantic’s documentary or in anything by Kamau Bell.

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