Appearance on Freedomain Radio and Interview with Josh Seidel @JewRightWing

About a week ago, I appeared on the Freedomain Radio Call In Show with Stefan Molyneux, starting at 40:00.

It seemed to me that Molyneux put on his tinfoil hat as soon as I suggested that dialogue could sway the influential ‘elite’ to end the war on ‘white racism’, although perhaps he was just annoyed that I kept nudging him away from his ‘the State is trying to stay in business by economically enslaving us by using antiracism as a subsidy to win allegiance among non-whites’ shtick. On that note, I should add that he fails to grasp the nuance of social capital–the real engine of human history.

I regret not being more clear about what we were talking about by ‘elites’ because I think Molyneux took it to mean something like ‘the secret masters of the world’. The ‘elites’ (whoever they are) are mostly normal people, and I think Molyneux, like most of us I suppose, simply hasn’t been exposed to them enough. Although he didn’t specify, I can’t help but now consider Molyneux to be a classic anti-Semite.

Basically, I was suggesting that a conciliatory approach would be more exothermic and less endothermic. IE: we should try not to be so inward-gazing and, rather, try to win the sympathy of a broader audience.

I’m not arguing that the ‘elite’ stewards of the hegemonic antiracist morality will be uniformly open to the idea of ending the war on ‘white racism’. ‘The elites’ is a very fuzzy, ill-defined class of people, and I don’t discount the possibility that there will be holdouts who are so socioeconomically dependent on antiracism that they will not give it up without stiff resistance. However, this does not mean that there will not be sizable numbers of erstwhile devotees of antiracism who won’t eventually warm up to the inevitable necessity of dumping this misguided, unsustainable dogma.

Interview with Josh Seidel aka @JewRightWing

I also recently had a YouTube hangout with a fellow Jewish traveler, Josh Seidel:

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