Chimney Rocks

My mind is an empty desert stretching as far as the eye can see. The throne of my ego is atop a single chimney rock. The wind passes faintly through it, whispering, “I am still with you, Eliyahu”.

I have positioned myself at the center of humanity, invisibly holding the world together. The entirety of my existence has been and will continue to be committed to the cause of compatibilizing and reconciling the ends of the earth, trying to avert catastrophe. As a result, it is though I have maximized the balance of being ignored and being hated, eliciting it proportionally from either end.

I will labor on, hated in my invisibility,

My incomprehensibility.

Filling the role that only I will ever fill.

But this is what I was built for.

It is what I am.

I can get drunk/high when I want to.

I can do yoga for months on end if I want to.

It was my immaculate narcissism that drove me out onto this rock,

Where my ego has grown so big,

That it encompasses you all.

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