“The Jewish Alternative: A Manifesto”

The guys at The Jewish Alternative have written what I would call for the most part a spectacular manifesto. I agree with much of it, though am unsure about a few things. Importantly, it is crafted from a seemingly religious (IE: Orthodox Jewish) worldview. This is not the secular frame of mind through which I typically filter my reality. Nevertheless, I see any theory as a mere instrument of the mind and therefore see no contradiction in espousing both paradigms at once.

Here are my thoughts:

You need to mention the role of the participation of Jewish thinkers in the “Enlightenment”. After all, the aspect of Jewish history which has been involved with all that we currently oppose is not, strictly speaking, a Jewish invention but a common Western one. It just so happened that Jews were disproportionately engaged in all these ideas, such as the conception of humans as “tabula rasa”, secular humanism, Communism, et c. This is why I consider “the Jews” to be only incidentally, tangentially responsible for the current antiracist morality (which is in its later stage). IE: Chassidim have played absolutely no part, as far as I’m concerned with, in the inception or proliferation of the antiracist morality which we are trying to correct (or “build upon” as I prefer to think).

It is also worth considering the parallels between the origins of diasporic, rabbinical Judaism and the emergence of the alt-right (or, even more particularly, the emergence of the so-called “dark enlightenment” or “neoreactionary world” of Moldbug, Nick Land et al.) The “dark enlightenment” people are basically hunkering down indefinitely, planning to all become computer hacker geniuses (if not them, then their offspring…) and eventually control the flow of information. I met one random guy IRL while traveling, and he struck me as a perfectly normal, well-adjusted normie white dude. But, I later learned, was deeply embedded into this subculture. (Awesome guy, BTW, I hope he remembers to invite me to his wedding). In fact, when I identify the various proposed outcomes of our current situation, I call this one the “Babylonian exile” scenario–that the war on white racism never ends, and that the ethnic grudge passes on invisibly, indefinitely among the white technician underclass.

As an aside, I should add that the Baal Shem Tov has always been a great inspiration in my life, particularly with regards to overcoming that which we oppose. We should be dancing as a means of articulating our superior spiritual posture and our moral high ground in the face of the seemingly boundless hatred, the “banality of evil” with which the normies de-humanize those of us who reject the antiracist narrative.

The wisdom that “you become your enemy” applies very strongly to this entire discussion. This is seen all throughout history. You could analogize it as when (in meteorology) a high pressure front converges upon a low pressure front. There is a storm–but then the storm passes and the temperature becomes homogenous.

But yeah, you guys are straight tzadikim, adel mensches. I’ll never forget watching Reactionary Jew walk up to the mic with his kippah on to ask Kevin MacDonald questions. Unforgettable heroism, dispassionate courage and humility in the name of reconciliation, dialogue, and the prospect of enduring peace on earth.

One thought I should add is that I think that, even though the point is to build bridges with all the fashy goys out there, you shouldn’t capitalize “white”. (Don’t capitalize “black” either.) To monkey around with that suggests that you’re being too deliberate and bucking convention.

Pardon all the beis midrash Hebrew, especially if you don’t know Hebrew; I haven’t had the opportunity to throw these terms around in a while.

Regarding “the eventual end of the Jewish diaspora”, you’re entitled to your own opinions. If you intend this from some strict halakhic standpoint, with a view to “g’ulah”, then I can’t disagree. Nevertheless, in some “b’diyeved” (“after the fact”) standpoint, I think there is room for halakhic chiddushim such that g’ulah can be achieved without every single Jew on earth being packed into the territorial boundaries of the State of Israel—the Jews who want to have the option, those who flake out of Judaism were not bidiyeved Jewish. (After all, individuals are masters of their own destiny.)

Or, are you proposing that Jews be forcibly expelled from all Western nations? If so, I would have to disagree for reasons both pragmatic and ethical.

From a strictly secular perspective, I am theoretically open to loosened border restriction, but this would require that the dogma of racial sameness be dumped, and that people be permitted the right to laissez faire racial discrimination, laissez faire apartheid, the end of all mandatory nation-wide resource pooling (socialism)–et cetera. Of course a full dismantling of international borders would require some serious transhumanist technological advancements. For the time being, I agree that border controls are necessary.

Regarding the idea of holding for some “Grosse Heiligeland” (to use the original Yiddish/German), I think this is tragically unpragmatic and LARPy. HaShem wants us to be pragmatic. After all, what are the mitzvos if not to keep the Jewish people alive and prosperous as a nation. By pushing this line, you’re courting de-legitimacy and (as far as I know) creating an unnecessary gezeirah in how you define the halakhic bounds of Eretz Israel. By forgoing the opportunity to make practical compromises and peace, you are making yourself complicit in keeping the whole world in kaf ha’kelah, so to speak, keeping g’ulah perpetually out of reach.

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