Annulment of Vows

It’s been a fairly long time since I’ve last posted anything on this blog, or YouTube, or responded to (or yet read) any of DMs on Twitter. Even on Facebook I have not been so active. This corresponds with my having left the US and returning to India. Here, I have been quietly living the yogic life and spending a great deal of time with a very special Cumanian girl.

Thus, I wanted to check in, thanking everybody who has had faith in me and supported me through my efforts to turn the tide against the war on racism. However, I have had a change of heart, and therefore would like to make a public annulment of vows. All the plans I had previously made are now scrapped, including plans to write another book, make new YouTube videos, or start a publishing imprint for dissident authors. I apologize for having misled anybody on any of these accounts.

This annulment of vows goes deeper than a mere scaling back of objectives. It is more personal than that. I realize now that I had long been making a name for myself by peddling a toxic cocktail of discredited, retrogressive ideas, motivated by a desire to exploit the xenophobic fears of others and prolong a legacy of undeserved white privilege. I realize now that I did this for personal gain, and that in doing so I caused a great deal of pain for persons of colour—people already living in a state of fear due to the climate of division, fear and hate that have come to pervade the Trump era. It is a scary time in America right now, and I’m sorry for having been part of the problem.

For the remainder of the spring and summer, I will simply be enjoying life and preparing for my return to university in the fall. I have one year left, and will be seeing how I can aid in thwarting white revanchism and the re-emergence of racial (pseudo-)science, white supremacy, and bigotry. It’s time to atone–and time to grow up.

Talk in late summer,

Al “HAarlem VEnison” Stankard

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