Introducing Myself to Black Lives Matter

I was talking to my housemate today, who studied Public Policy in school, about how to know when the effort to remove barriers to upward mobility among historically disadvantaged groups can be considered ‘complete’. This is a question of critical importance, and one which social movements themselves might be the only barometers for.

The popular Reddit-tier response to my rhetorical question of “What is the war on racism’s endgame? When will it end?” Is “THE WAR ON RACISM WILL END ONCE THE WAR ON RACISM HAS BEEN WON, DUH!” The popularity and ‘common sense-ness’ of this answer disturbs me because, due to the narrow-sightedness of most people, the war on racism is liable to continue ramping upward (disturbingly, at a rate which correlates with declining white demographics) for howsoever long as swastikas continue to be penned into university bathroom stalls, and for howsoever long there will be isolated occurrences of random racially-motivated white-on-black violence. The disparities between white-on-black crime and black-on-white crime is discussion that I don’t like to have, but can be found in the annals of alt-right and white nationalist discourse. All it takes is a random, isolated incident to occur – which is beaten into our minds ad nauseum by those who peddle the late antiracist narrative – and the most egregious escalations in the war against racism, which is implicitly a war against whites, is popularly taken as a moral imperative. For every 1% genuine white bigots – often in the middle of nowhere, in fact out of reach of the rabidly antiracist coastal enclaves – there are another several tens of percent of white males distributed across the choked-to-death suburban sprawls of the US, from struggling middle class families pummeled by consumerism and the monoculture, who receive the war on racism as a mainstream secular religion which is against their very essence and dignity as humans. If the game is stacked against you, then you will be driven to change the rules of the game. Humans evolved to disagree with each other, for the sake of generating intellectual diversity. To push the war on racism ‘until 100%’ of the white population are self-hating, black-worshipping slaves is tantamount to pushing the war on racism until whites self-exterminate. It is like Jihad.

The fact that I myself – my life experiences and resultant perspective just as ‘valid’ as anybody else’s – am speaking up about the injustices of the war on racism suggests that it is already beginning to ebb to a, hopefully, more comfortable status quo. I am a great enthusiast of consensus so, don’t worry, the war on racism won’t end prematurely as long as we don’t tear ourselves up in the meantime.

My critique is that the success of breaking these historical barriers must not be measured in terms which presuppose a universal distribution of ‘useful’ traits across all human populations; it must not demand absolute economic equality – a bad idea in and of itself – because then you have a scenario in which the horse is, so to speak, beaten to death. There must be an endgame which does not require that the hypothesis of absolute equality be true.

Basically, people should be granted epistemological autonomy, perhaps under the rubric of ‘freedom of religion’.

Here is my self-introduction to passionate crusaders for justice in black communities, such as BLM advocates. I guess my point here is that I was originally not expecting Trump to win, or any of this Charlottesville stuff to be happening, and so thought that all of this would still be underground, and that I would be on the alt-right trying to foment a small non-violent direct action movement aimed at getting the powers that be to listen to the legitimate grievances of the alt-right. Instead, I find myself trying to hold society together.

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