The Only Way to Steer America Away from the Cliff

In this video, I present the argument that enduring peace in the USA is highly improbable unless the public begins to actively engage the principal, legitimate grievances of the Alt-Right movement. I explore concepts of conflict theory and cognitive science, philosophy and religion and so on, applying them to the pivotal case of our era.

Here are PowerPoint slides for the presentation, which contains the images I refer to: Prospects for Peace in America

In other news, the rough draft of my autobiographical manifesto will likely be done within a month or two. I’ve also been putting up posters on campus.

I will likely be doing things in the next few months. Stay tuned.

A couple other things:

Also, here is a great essay about legal theory underpinning the notion according different classes of people different rights/obligations: Minow_When_Difference_Has_Its_Home

Also, a couple great articles which touch on these themes:

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