Antiracist Whites are Insufferable

Last week I attended at event at the Philosophy Department of my university entitled “Minorities and Philosophy” (MAPS). Within the first thirty seconds, it was announced that whites (or was it only white males?) were officially discouraged from participating in the discussion. For future MAPS events, it was added, whites would be officially disinvited from attending. This was, it was explained, all in the name of “inclusivity”.

Needless to say, I was incensed.

As you may have inferred, the woman who made her anti-white proclamation was NOT white. She was one of those caramel-colored, sorta-black women who profits immensely from the war on racism and could probably make a fortune off of being in TV commercials and the like.

However, now that I think about it, people like her are probably used to having their anti-white movements coopted by – drumroll – white people. Her express disinvitation of whites was probably a reaction against all these blonde idiots exploiting their movement.

This in mind, I’m a lot more sympathetic.

When I walked around offering people “a flower from a racist”, it was always the career-obsessed, virtue-signaling whites who were the most terrified of interacting with me on a human-to-human level. Blacks and other non-whites, on the other hand, were the most curious and open-minded.

The question in my mind is whether these whites are afraid of getting unwanted attention, or whether they actually feel guilty for their ancestors’ putative crimes against humanity. If it’s the former, then they are deeply selfish. If it’s the latter, then they probably do have some inherited privilege; if it’s the latter, then this reminds me of why I feel that whites should be allowed to opt out of all efforts to “undo legacies of discrimination”.

Either way, I find these antiracist whites insufferable.

The deeper problem is that these white antiracists are the intellectual – if not literal – descendants of the white colonists who were so eager to bring civilization to non-white savages during the age of exploration.

To help others is to make them dependent; to make them dependent is to lord over them.

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