The Jewish Question (and My Jewishness) Finally Addressed

As most of you are already aware, I almost never discuss the “Jewish question” (“JQ”). The reason for this is that it generally bores me. This does not mean, however, that it is itself a boring question — it is anything but boring. It bores me in particular because I settled it for myself so long ago.

However, it seems that the topic has once again spiked in popularity somewhat. A few recent tweets from @sapinker:






I think it is high time I chime in on this vexed topic. A good account of Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique argument that the Jewish population in Europe evolved to thrive as a group and at the expense of its host population can be found in this video.

Tl;dr: The notion that Jews are a borg-like entity programed to destroy the white gentile race is bunk. More, even if you want to say that Jews were self-serving wolves among sheep in pre-global Europe, in 2018 they are much better positioned to be sheepdogs among sheep. After all, the fate of Jews is the fate of gentile whites.

As many of you are aware, I am very literate and/or opinionated on Jews, Judaism, the psychology of the Boasian and Levi-Straussian epiphanies, Yiddishkeit — et c. And many of you are aware that I strut the interface between the alt-right and the normiesphere with a holier-than-thou attitude. This is because the alt-right seems so heavily populated by people who were “redpilled”, for example, two years ago from watching YouTube late at night and then decided overnight that they’re fascist or that race relations are an inherently zero-sum game wherein compromise and cooperation, or ignoring skin color, are sins against nature. Such alt-righters see me as a sort of half-baked, possibly Jewish groupie or entryist of the alt-right. Of course, the real reason why I am such an authority on all things Jewish is that, having been taken it upon myself as a condition for my existence that I must do everything in my power to, you know, “save the white race”, I embarked ten years ago on a multi-year effort to get to the heart of the Mosaic experience. In the end, I studied for a year in a Chassidic yeshiva. In terms of rigor and immersion, it’s like being in a military boot camp in which you study/pray for 12+ hours/day 7 days/week. Because of this, I feel that I am uniquely endowed with both the internal and external perspectives of both Jews and anti-Semites alike.

As a teenager, up in New Hampshire, I developed a profound wariness of Jewish influence. The Holocaust was mythologized and sacrosanct. Jews were quite obviously vastly overrepresented in positions of influence and power (especially position which more or less exploit the labors and ideas of others, in the Marxian sense). Jews were the first and primary movers of, as well as the ongoing stewards of, the Boasian dogma regarding human difference (or the lack thereof). Jews spearheaded international Communism and, in the United States, seemed to be the puppetmasters behind “decadent” pop culture in 20th century culture. Jews were the architects and protectors of the post-war consensus on human rights and, indeed, liberal humanism. In every way that human nature could be preyed upon — be it hedonism or kindness/naivety — Jews seemed to be making a killing off of it and fanning the flames of human misery. Look at the banking industry. When it came to pushing for the dissolution — some call it genocide — of whiteness and white people, they were right there at the forefront of seeing to it that white supremacy and privilege be chipped away at. More, they were also the antagonists in the Nazi drama as seen by the Nazis, consequently figuring in to the post-war reality we occupy as the moral superheroes. (Being a perennial champion of underdogs and scapegoats, meanwhile, I always had a natural sympathy for the Nazis and Hitler.) During my formative years, in the 1990s, the moral melodrama of the Holocaust was pushed HARD on me and my peers, and Jews were depicted in education and the media as being basically the paragons of human excellence, having preternatural intellects but also being “cool” and morally superior like black people. In light of all of this,  and being the Faustian introvert that I always was, I developed strong identification with Hitler and iconoclasm in general.

The thing with me is that I am by my very constitution a deeply scrutinizing inquirer. I am naturally wary of bias and distortion, human manipulation and exploitation. If gentiles are the sheep and Jews are the wolves, then I am a sheepdog. Game-theoretically, I am the extortionist who seeks to ensure that colorblind altruists continue to reproduce, are rewarded, and do not fall into fatal empathy traps. I am a deeply egocentric person, yet my ego was inextricably bound up with the ego of the glorious white race. This can, of course, amount to hubris on my part; but my point here is that I always viewed Jews and Judaism with utmost suspicion.

The Jews I knew growing up in New Hampshire were all pretty fuckin’ cool. They were upstanding members of the community, down-to-earth, generally intelligent but by no means overachievers. I was never terribly close friends with any of them — none lived in my neighborhood, and the one in my grade (one among ~120 people) wasn’t somebody I knew terribly well. Nevertheless, I became pretty good friendly acquaintances with a few of them by the time I graduated high school, at least enough to prevent me from passing a final verdict against Jews such that they should still warrant a fair hearing.

The way Jews are typically depicted as having been treated in the past, as the scapegoats, was how Nazis, and indeed white people writ large, are depicted in the contemporary anti-racist/anti-white moral melodrama.

When I moved to New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, a brisk train ride away from ground zero of international Jewry, I was finally immersed in a heavily Jewish social and academic setting.

While it was doubtless the case that many Jews — student and professors alike — were the movers and shakers of anti-white politics on campus, my impression was that this was more a legacy of the 1960s counter-culture than a nascent movement of 2018; you know, keepin’ up the family business, so to speak. When I myself started agitating against anti-whiteism on campus, who was it that befriended me, and whom I befriended? And when I became ostracized as the Grendel-like “bigot” because I had zero tolerance for anti-whiteism and political correctness (I was in the “Special Interest” dorm, after all, and naturally gravitated away from degenerate party culture in favor of the arts and intellectualism), all my allies and supporters turned out to be Jews. Over the first couple years, and thereafter, some of my most supportive friends, including one who was also a particularly fierce critic of anti-white pseudoscience and blank slate dogma, were all Jews. Even after I became more prominent in the alt-right, they (and a Gypsy, too) still to this day express their personal support for me, if not active support for my cause.

While I was at first rather leery of Jews, soon enough my anti-Semitic view of Jews transmuted into a sort of philo-Judaism. I had a cute, brilliant, blonde Aryan engel of a girlfriend who ended up destroying her life (she may be dead now for all I know) because of our decadent culture that demonizes the prosperity of white people — especially blondes. When that all went to pieces, and my resolve to reverse-engineer the 20th century, crack the code of history and get to the bottom of all that is wrong in society reached a peak, I started flirting with Judaism as part of my deep obsession with, you know, saving the white race and, indeed, all that is worth saving.

My matrilineal great-great-grandfather, Alfred Dutkins, always sounded rather Jewishy according to the family lore surrounding him. He was thought to be English or Dutch — having hailed from the port of Antwerp and settling in south Brooklyn — and was a writer of scathing critiques of WASP country club culture in 1920s America. (I still have a copy of his rollicking, very well-written literary caricature of country clubs.) When I was trying to find a basis for justifying my increasing desire to try “passing” for a Jew, this ancestor came to mind.

I gathered what artifacts and knowledge I could of Alfred Dutkins, and did some genealogical research. The family lore was always a bit baffled about his heritage, but because his daughter — my mother’s grandmother — allegedly spoke French as her native language, it was thought that they were French Belgian.










First pic: “Alfred”, his younger daughter, and his elder daughter (my great-grandmother).

Second pic: Ditto.

Third pic: My great-grandmother (daughter of Alfred) holding my mother.

It turned out that Alfred Dutkins was neither English nor Dutch. Lo and behold, the name he used to board the ship to the United States was “Albert Dutkiwicz”, and he originally hailed from Austria-Hungary. As I have been told, “Dutkiewicz” (sic; or “Dudkiewicz”) is Polish for “Son of David”, which has an extra “e” squeezed in there. Though I am not an expert on the Yiddish language, I believe that phonetically “Dutkiwicz” (sic, without the “e”) is more consistent with Yiddish even though it is written according to Polish spelling convention. (If anybody knows Yiddish and/or Polish better than I, I would be curious to hear the opinion.)

With regards to Albert/Alfred’s wife, I have no information at all regarding her other than that her name was “Charlotte Heiligen”. “Heiligen” is a somewhat interesting name; it is Dutch/German for “Holy”. Thus, though there is speculative, circumstantial evidence for “Alfred Dutkins” being Jewish, there is absolutely nothing to be said regarding his wife (my great-great-grandmother). Who knows, maybe this explains why my mother studied sociology, was so keen on working shoulder-to-shoulder with black in the deep south in the 1970s, and was always so “psychologically intense”, to use the language of Kevin MacDonald — or maybe it is meaningless coincidence. (Traits I have certainly inherited from my mother are my neuroticism, my creeping tendency to envy and my perhaps related obsession with “justice” — whatever that is.)

For the record, to those obsessed with identifying white rights advocates as either Jewish or not-Jewish: My father is Irish Catholic, and my mother’s other ancestry is English and German. At a similarly ethnocentric Jewish friend’s urging, I had my y chromosome haplogroup tested back in college (before 23andme), and it was R1b (as was my friend’s). All this stuff doesn’t interest me so much anymore, but if anybody wants to give me money to get a more state-of-the-art test to try to figure out if my real name is (((Al Stankard))) — be my guest.

So, back to my story, I ended up beginning to claim that “my mother is Jewish” on campus, and further abridging this to say that I was “half Jewish”. Of course, this entire project of mine was balled up in the grander project of, you know, saving the white race. I had originally been studying Physics, largely because I wanted the credibility and esteem needed to eventually be a champion of race-realism. (In a sense, I wanted to be Gregory Cochran and write The 10,000 Year Explosion; indeed, given the amount of thought-time I devoted to such considerations, I surely could have written such a book.) However, in addition to majoring in Physics, I was also obsessed with getting girls and producing literature. At Rutgers, I started an avant-garde theatre club for which I wrote three proto-alt-right plays, including one about a racist “schizophrenic” who wages battle against white scenesters and “cucks” who worship a giant black phallus that only he can see. In the picture below, note the black phallus in the background and the symbolic pitcher of Koolaid.

thepossessed big poster-2 copy

For the curious, an admittedly low-quality recording of it can be found here. The play was based on a fried of mine, James Williamson, whom I consider a martyr for the early days of the anti-anti-white “alt-right” cause. He started putting up anti-Semitic posters on campus and got caught for it, consequently becoming the target of anti-racist harassment on campus. In the end, he got charged with assaulting a black woman (he may have been framed for this, though the truth remains obscured) and as a result was thrown in “protective custody” for something like eight months, without a trial. He’s now a full-blown schizophrenic living on the streets of Seattle. I blame society for the destruction of his life, both his experience as the object of a witch hunt at Rutgers, as well as his earlier experiences as an adolescent in an anti-white environment, although this is beyond the scope of the discussion.

Anyway, trying to juggle my playwriting and physics led to me lose my footing, academically speaking. I decided to dip out and travel to Israel on a Taglit birthright program. The only time slot still open when I applied was the one for 22-26 year-olds, which overlapped with the springs semester. I ended up staying there on a Kibbutz for five months, and then joined a Chassidic yeshiva for about eight months. My plan was to end up getting citizenship, do a stint in the IDF, and then finish my degree at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It was a great opportunity to reboot my admittedly fraught, unfocused academic career and also afforded a glorious opportunity to get to the anthropological heart of the “Jewish question” and, ideally, sew the seeds of an eventual dismantling of the anti-white/anti-racist disease which was plaguing the West. By this point, I already fantasized about a facilitating a sort of final reconciliation between Jews and Nazis. After all, by this point I had already begun to see certain overlaps. You know, “master race” and “the chosen people”. (Apples and oranges, sure — but there’s an overlap between these concepts.) Who knows, I thought, maybe I could foment a sort of united Jewish-Aryan front such that I might steer Jews away from anti-whiteism and gain credence for a rejection of blank-slatism and the anti-white politics it engenders.

Over the next year, including my first several months back in the US (I ended up studying in a couple yeshivas in Brooklyn), I built a penetrating awareness of Jewishness, Jewish history, and the Jewish people. My ultimate verdict was, and still is, that the arguments of Kevin MacDonald (my apologies to Dr. MacDonald if I am not grasping him properly; I am assuming his arguments to be in-line with the aforementioned video) are hopelessly fallacious, the product of being locked behind a veil of ignorance, chained to a fixed perspective — from whence one can only speculate about the experiences and interests of others — and the human tendency to attribute social phenomena to external (oft malevolent) manipulation.

This ignorance is especially frustrating to me because it hampers and misdirects the efforts of some of us to bring to an end the scapegoating of whites and “whiteness”. The alt-right perceives Jews as an octopus-like borg intelligence that is evolutionarily programmed to subjugate and/or exterminate white people. Don’t get me wrong, I get where they’re coming from, but it misinterprets the often detrimental (but perhaps equally often boon-creating) effect of Jewish intellectual and economic activity on Western civilization. The alt-right’s brand of tinfoil hat anti-Semitism exists as an unfalsifiable excuse for why their efforts are so consistently doomed, as though they’re up against some invincible anti-white force of nature. They use this as an excuse for their impotence and their desire to whine in their echo chambers about how terrible things are, existing as entertainers feeding off of each other’s pessimism and negativity, rather than actually applying themselves to the task of fixing things.

Alt-righters obsess over blaming Jews (or whom they believe to be Jews) instead of courting Jews to their side. It’s hard to blame either side, I suppose, for perpetuating this vicious cycle. Time and time again, I see Jews being pushed away from having any sympathy for advocates of equal rights for whites; at the same time, one can clearly see Jews conform to certain stereotypes as being anti-white, anti-Christian — whatever.

To be totally honest, I feel that Jews do get a raw deal today just as they have historically gotten a raw deal in Christendom. The sort of ideas forwarded in The Culture of Critique are grossly unfair and biased. That said, tinfoil hat anti-Semitism is so senseless that I prefer to charge Jews with the task of disproving anti-Semitism by way of praxis rather than through argumentation or through excoriating anti-Semites for their ignorance. Efforts to merely censor or penalize alt-right anti-Semites are doomed to backfire. Thus, I implore, more Jews must step up to the plate and condemn anti-white policies and rhetoric. The fate of the Jewish people, and Eretz Yisrael, is inextricably intertwined with the fates of white people and Christians and, indeed, the fate of moral universalism.

In 2018, the Jewish people stand at a crossroads.

I don’t mean to suggest that there aren’t many Jews who are sympathetic to the plights of white “racists” — there are very, very many Jews who have been clued in to the injustice of antiracism that have become increasingly normalized over the two or three decades. In my experience, Jews are more open-minded to my personal perspective than most non-Jewish whites are; this is true irrespective of the political status of Israel.

I’d like now to touch upon some of the typical viewpoints of The Culture of Critique, and why they are so fractally wrong.

First and perhaps foremost, there is the general argument that ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is dong’ — that liberal Jews in the US and Europe advocate open borders while at the same time doing all in their power to maintain a Jewish ethnostate in Israel. I would first argue that there are many different individuals with their own perspectives, and that Jews are generally a highly diverse, fractured body of people, genetically, ideologically, and in terms of their own cultural context and worldviews. While many Jews are avowed Boasians and avowed Cultural Marxists who see the dismantling of global white supremacy as the best thing in the world (‘hachi tov b’olam!”), I would argue that most such people are baby boomers or else are conformists and careerists eager to kowtow to the power structure and suck at the tit of the hegemonic narrative. While there may be some hypocritical Jews who want open borders for the West and closed borders for Israel — and indeed even some Jews who actively hate white gentiles — I would call them a minority. Most Jews I have met are either consistently opposed to ethnostates, and call for a one-state multicultural solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, if not a full disenfranchisement of Zionism, or else are consistently opposed to open borders for the West as they are opposed to the end of the Jewish ethnostate. Jews, in 2018, are hardly at all considered to be non-white ‘people of color’ by anybody. They still get to count as a protected class where money speaks through the establishment, such as in the Democratic Party, the ADL, and SPLC, but the winds are changing — on the non-white streets, Jews are not only not considered ‘people of color’, but are in fact regarded as the kingpins of global white supremacy.

The fate of Jews is the fate of whites; the fate of whites is the fate of Jews. Jews are white.

Even if you want to push the ‘left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’ argument as a blind evolutionary process, doesn’t this apply to all people? Among whites, there are many, many who are aggressively anti-white, who benefit from what can only be called attacking their own genepool, just as there are many who wary of white genocide and seek to have as many children as they reasonably can. I believe that a case can be made that the white aristocracy benefits evolutionarily by putting the squeeze on whites and whiteness — their own people.

One thing that I will say in defense of anti-Semites is that AFAIK Jews in medieval Europe really could have converted to Christianity. While I personally am ever sympathetic to nonconformists and black sheep, I do acknowledge the reality that such people as myself are an exception to the rule. If I were to wear a Yankees hat in Red Sox country, I cannot expect everybody there to be a model for enlightened tolerance. Human nature is what it is.  (Just’ saying’.)

Then again, I suppose Jews in Europe felt only negative encouragement to convert rather than positive encouragement. To blame them for not converting is like blaming whites for not embracing anti-whiteism. This actually dovetails into explanations for both the prosperity and rapid development of Europe and the great wealth for dispersing good ideas, channeling capital to wise ideas and endeavors that Jews attracted. Because they didn’t conform, they became almost like an internet that connected the West.

While I think that there is probably some merit to the ‘Jewish intelligence’ thesis — after all, they are a population without a working class and had long been assigning mates based on lawyerly Talmudic excellence — I think that Thomas Sowell’s minority middleman thesis is a better root explanation. Rather than farming, fighting wars and designing tools, Jews existed as a sort of parallel society overlaid across numerous European nations, languages and cultures. They made their living off of their awareness of the going-ons of all the different host cultures, investing in new ideas, innovations and ways of seeing. It is my firm belief that this is a MUCH better way of looking at the appeal of Boasian anthropology among Jews than a malignant will against gentiles, especially in light of their experience with 19th-century physical anthropology that so sought to (mis)characterize them. In a similar vein, anti-Semites are keen to observe Jewish investors profiteering off of WWI, even accusing them of orchestrating the conflict for profit. If this is true, which it may well be, it would be hard not to also observe that Jews played a vital role in the post-war peace movement which eventually united Europe.

Perhaps more importantly with regards to the video summary of The Culture of Critique, I would point out that the Boasian perspective, while basically wrong, is perhaps no less wrong than the overly reductionist, loosey-goosey physical anthropology of the 19th century which I believe was as biased in favor of human subspecies being ‘stable types’ as the post-Gouldian perspective was that people are all interchangeable blank slates. More, even if Boas was motivated by some resentment toward his host culture (as are perhaps all iconoclasts and boat-rockers, like Martin Luther or Isaac Newton or whomever), I believe it was also motivated by a concomitant empathy for those unjustifiably deemed inferior. On this note, it’s important to remember that the Boasian perspective was originally a skeptical argument against 19th century physical anthropology. Similarly, the original UNESCO statements on race merely argued that it was possible for geniuses to emerge from all stripes of humanity. It took decade before this mere benefit of doubt ossified into the suffocating, unfalsifiable dogma that all human inequality is caused by legacies of racism, colonialism, implicit bias — etc. Even if you see efforts to suppress race-realism as being intentionally deceptive, such as what has been the case since the 1990s, I believe there is much room to argue that there were very noble intentions in mind. Even if ultimately heading up a blind alley, these efforts to see the cup as half full with regards to human commonality were a necessary moral epoch.

While there is some value in thinking of natural selection as operating between groups, and for this to explain in-group preferences and the manner by which altruism varies between populations, the fundamental unit of selection is still on the individual level. (This is touched upon in the comments of this recent video of mine.) However, to think of group selection as being the primary theatre of selection is rather absurd; even if you want to think of Jews as parasites, they are simply not trying to exterminate the white race.

With respect to Jews operating in white countries as a sort of collective superorganism seems to me to be especially misguided. As the stereotypes go, which my own perception supports, Jews seem if anything a bit more egoic and individualistic than, for example, Germans. I think that the ethnocentrism so often associated with Jews is the result of them internalizing their membership of the “tribe”, and their “chosen-ness”, as a flattering extension of their own individual identity (and potential narcissism). If you go to Israel, however, where being Jewish no longer makes you special, you will see how quickly that group identification will fade from relevance beyond the basic necessity that their country not be overrun by Arab armies.

Another problem with interpreting the history of Jews in Europe through the lens of group selection is that it views evolutionary game theory in overly simplistic terms, often spawned by (or spawning?) poorly designed computer simulations of human cooperation that lend false justification for the pessimistic notion that strictly ethnocentric Jews ‘groups’ are fated to eat away at hapless gentiles altruists like a solvent on plastic. These simulations typically ignore the social complexities of selective pressures as they exist in reality. (I critique and refute such facile arguments for ethnocentrism here and here.) For an otherwise genetically homogenous population of unconditional (IE: colorblind) cooperators to be viable, it need not rout out every non-unconditional-cooperator partisan to an ethnocentric foreign population. A population comprised by colorblind cooperators can, at the end of the day, withstand — and even have much to gain from — foreign elements even if only ‘cooperate’ (*exploit*) along extortionist lines. Thus, if anything, it is not unreasonable to view the ‘alien’ Jewish presence in Europe as being symbiotic and stable — and, indeed, they certainly did fill a niche in the ecosystem of ideas and services, and have historically been handsomely remunerated.

Granted, I would argue that much of of those ideas and services have created more problems than they’ve solved, if not had a corrosive effect on society, but alas, c’est la voie du progrès humain. If a whole bunch of hedonic and high time-preference stumbling blocks for the individual is what it takes to bring about the will to power and the ubersmensch — then so be it.

Lastly, with regards to Reform Judaism as “the mission to the gentiles”, I think this is utterly preposterous. If you ask me, Reform Judaism and the principles underpinning the UN and human rights movement owes more to Kant and Enlightenment ideals than it does to the Torah and the Talmud. If anything, it is the gentiles’ mission to the Jews.

In conclusion, anti-Semitism is frustrating and counter-productive, and the only way the alt-right will mature beyond its current LARP in any measure will be if its adherents begin courting Jews — or at least lay off the mindless scapegoating and negative feedback loop. Instead of “naming the Jew”, advocates of equal rights for whites should be actively bringing them into the fold.

“Oops, there’s no point in doing anything but muttering in our online ghettos about all that is wrong in society because the Jews control everything!”

See you at ge’ulah!

– Al

PS: A few old videos of me discussing the JQ:


One thought on “The Jewish Question (and My Jewishness) Finally Addressed

  1. Excellent article Al. I have been thinking more abut the JQ recently as well, and I basically agree with everything you write here.

    The Jewish people, probably due to their religious tradition, have an extremely high will to truth , and, of course, a very high verbal IQ. It does not surprise me that you would find them more open-minded to your ideas– this has been my experience with Jews as well.

    The scourge on the white race is not Jews, but… if it can be said to be any one thing at all… is the relativism that stems from nihilism (or is it the nihilism that stems from relativism?) Basically what you call “blank-slatism” here. Jews are, perhaps justifiably, associated with this scourge as many Jewish academics are associated with this kind of thinking, BUT… and the alt-right would say I am hardcore cucking here… but I don’t think the Jews invented nihilism… I think it was already there creeping out of European, “enlightenment”, thought and that Jew’s just had high enough verbal IQs and wills to truth to actually read Nietzsche and delineate it (as well as, sure, the status as cultural outsiders which made such post-modern critique easier to conduct, and less culturally undesirable) . Maybe they even accelerated the dominance of blank-slatism. maybe it even benefited them.. but I contest that the nihilism and relativism underpinning it were inherent to the enlightenment in the first place, and would have spread like cancer with or without Jews.

    Basically, whites making Jews the enemy is sort of like non-whites making whites the enemy… or Americans blaming Trump’s election on Russia…. a community scapegoating an external force rather than recognizing their own deep-seated divisions, and trying to fix them from within.

    I think Jews will be naturally attracted to the alt-right if it lays off its bad-faith anti-semitism. Again, it comes down to their being naturally philosophically disposed, and of course the fact that the left has been alarmingly anti-semitic over the past ten or so years

    And ok, I guess I would be remiss to not mention that Jews of course show high in-group preference, and I think MacDonald does make an interesting point when he argues that Jews bend existing ideologies to suit their interests (Communism becoming trotskyism, conservatism becoming neconservativism, etc.), but I think what you say is more true than not: that white interests are basically Jewish interests. I don’t endorse American military action on behalf of Israel… but from a distance, I consider myself pro-Israel.

    I think Jews will have an important role to play in whatever it is that is coming post-liberalism. In fact, I think they have already played a role…

    Was there anything anyone ever said on the alt-right that Mencius Moldbug didn’t articulate with more intellectual rigor, and years before?

    Is Neo-reaction as to identitarianism as Neconservativism is to conservativism?

    Is the alt-right the (((alt-right)))?

    I say so be it.


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