White People Time and Black People Time

This woman is a professor at my university. At first watch, I felt angry. Just today, I was ordering food at a chain restaurant. The woman, black, was overly friendly, and kept repeating my name. Her friendliness was uncanny. It’s like she just got the job, and that she was over-coached on how to be hyper friendly with customers. She looked like she was in her 40s, and here she was, working for probably $8/hour, if that. Something about her — who knows, maybe client-side perception — seemed just desperate, like she was hanging on by a thread.

This woman here, Brittney Cooper, is a primordial sort of stupid, like a living fossil. I don’t mean this in a hateful way — quite the opposite. She was quite palpably fast-tracked for an iota of success because she’s black and fat — because she’s pathetic — and she’s eked out a career for herself in the manufacture of anti-white ideological culture. I’m sure she hails from a family that never could have dreamed of such a career as a professor. And I’m sure that her descendants won’t enjoy the same luxury. We are currently bearing witness to a massive anti-white bubble where blacks will be the ones who lose in the end.

She’s a pawn in their game. I was thinking today about how one could make the case that the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s could be interpreted as a sort of Cold War propaganda piece. Right there alongside the Apollo program. You know, to prop up the least-well-off, the most economically alienated and disenfranchised, in order to show the world that the real gravy train is over in the United States and its client states. I don’t want to say that this was the sole reason why the Civil Rights Movement got off the ground, but I think it cannot be discounted. It was part genuine efforts at strengthening human intergroup cooperation, remedying the possible causes of inequality, all made possible by the excesses of wealth and optimism that came after 1945. Of course, after the early 1990s, at the end of the Cold War, the war on racial inequality became bar none the premier argot of righteousness in the West.

Now, “black empowerment” has become a way to get votes and foster dependence on a a certain dimension of the ruling class. (The other dimension, meanwhile, is the Republicans “empowering” poor whites.) The weird thing is that I don’t think this sort of exploitation is conscious and deliberate, per se. I think it’s just a sort of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome that is the force which binds together the entire human dominance hierarchy. Master and slave, patron and client, debtor and debtee, parent and child.

Thomas Sowell is right. And antiracist whites use the moral license that ‘fighting racism’ gives in order to push the faces of intersectionally-poor whites (IE: including those who are not merely poor in financial terms) into the mud, meanwhile upholding their own NIMBYism.

People on the alt-right often malign George Soros and other left-wing philanthropists. I have a much more forgiving view of them. I see all things as having a beginning, middle, and end. After a certain amount of time passes, their efforts to help a certain class of people or certain cause become corrupted by the slow onset of irrelevance. Perhaps the estate tax should not only be preserved, but multiplied wildly. Perhaps the children of wealthy influencers should not merely go slumming for a year or two in their twenties to learn about the life outside of the Sultan’s palace, but should in fact be liberated from that wealth and security.

With regards to the cashier who said my name probably ten times, including when I said goodbye… I don’t know. I would rather live with wolves than spend my life working for $8/hour in a sterile chain restaurant, devoid of meaning, under the crack of the metaphorical whip. I’d rather do $2/hour worth of work and get paid $2/hour, but live in an agrarian society where there’s nothing to spend that money on but fruit and vegetables, and black people time rules the day.

I guess Gandhi’s India tried and failed to freeze time like that because the people always knew of the green grass over in the United States, and its immaculate systems of fast food chains. Me, though, I’d prefer the savage reservation rather than the gentle, gradual extermination in a VR/UBI dystopia.

Part of me sometimes wonders if more strictly segregating the world into GDP (or race, if you like) might solve this problem of socioeconomic estrangement. But I worry that the collapse of an already abstract empathy between rich and poor, white and black, the punctual and the lackadaisical, might just lead to a redux of colonization and genocide.

When I saw Brittney Cooper lament the evils of white people’s temporal supremacy, my immediate reaction was one of sympathy. Damn, I thought, she should go back to Africa! I though this not because I wanted her “out of my country” — not even close. I felt this way for her out of unadulterated sympathy, because I personally would rather eat dirt than work a ‘traditional’ 9-to-5, utterly estranged from my labor and even my own rhythms of motivation and behavior. It’s not in my constitution; I would much rather forgo modern ‘convenience’ and instead meditate and nature, read and contemplate philosophy — philosophy in the purest sense of the word.

I salute thee, Cave Men.


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