My Diagnosis and Recommendations

The ‘infinite human potential’ and ‘slavery/colonization was what kept you down’ myths were the West’s strategic response to Communism — it was how they took the ball from the USSR’s otherwise strong appeal. And so — the general populations of races had to be made the same.

To call antiracism, which evolved into anti-whiteism, the result of the infiltration of Communism is misleading. Rather, it was the West’s capitalists’ one-upping of it in a way that would allow them to retain — and expand! — global hegemony.

To call ‘Communism’ the problem is to misdiagnose the problem. Rawlsian ‘fairness’ was the intellectual codification of this trick of bringing up the bottom to be on par with the middle in a way that utterly safeguarded the filthy rich from being toppled. Critically, it is important to understand that this was not merely some ‘trick’ on their part — it is predicted by human sociality.

More, Nazism was doomed to fail because, in spite of their rightful obsession with interpersonal cooperation toward group prosperity, they utterly ignored the survival premium owed to intergroup cooperation. Even if there will be hiccups, the world is being shuttled irrevocably in the direction of the Enlightenment.

Remember, ‘power’ is not merely acquired through ‘trickery’. It is giving people what they want, be it for their own good or what they perceive to be good. The only real good is the Kantian notion of being worthy of good. Thus, I say: moral genius is indistinguishable from maximally-functioning psychopathy — to do what is right is to see around the curve and do the right thing even if you’re misunderstood in the present.

This was also conducive to the blossoming of post-war industrial consumerism — the entire non-elite population was to become a one-size-fits-all consumer/dependent class. Thus, enormous ballast for the upwardly mobile and the global capitalists. Incredibly anti-fragile.

The problem is that since the end of Soviet Communism, the global/Western capitalists have been needing to make good on the promises. Hence the creep of anti-whiteism. This is the head willing to blame and publish what it thinks to be it’s body.

The only solution for white rights is to finally divorce the global elites (head) from the general white population (body). I suppose this is white identity, and the signal in the noise that is ‘alt-right’. Whether or not it is possible for this ‘head’ to verbalize the reality of meaningful racial differences, the jury is still out.

The jury is ‘still out’ because when you’re approaching the top of the asymptote, and all the world is your clientele, they all look like little point-particle units of equal human need. And the whole general human population is equally useless in deep time, irrespective of which GDP blocs they exist within. Oh, and also because ‘all groups are the same, no questions asked’ might be absolutely necessary to maintain at least a semblance of peace.

On fundamental level, the liberal humanist, human rights consensus must realize that all people have a natural right to maintain the world that they create and that they know. This means that the rights of people to preserve their ways of life must be honored. The dilemma comes when other people see what those people have, and want the same for themselves. Such envy must also be understood as laying claim to the same right to ‘the world that they know’. They are similar motivations. These competing interests must be balanced; the former must be sacrosanct, though the latter must be pursued so long as it doesn’t infringe on the former.

Due the superstar effect — the winner-takes-all nature of the global need market — which is exacerbated by a) technology and b) skill premiums, we well as due to the implicit eugenics of non-local assortive mating — it is not possible to ‘chop off’ the head of global capitalism. And it is not possible to wall off the outside world, ideas and people. Contact always finds a way, due to the superstar effect.

What we can do, however, is to utterly, uncompromisingly make it politically incorrect to ascribe blame to ‘whites’, by dint of and on pain of the coming-into-focus of genetic studies highly insinuating meaningful differences in cognition, including game theoretic cognition.

With regards to fears of dysgenics — soon enough gene editing, and/or tech in general, will steeply curtail game-theoretic cheating and criminality.

Also, good to psychologically liberate alt-right down-and-outers from their addictions to the very wares & milieus which are shoved in their faces by the capitalists. (Shoot yer TV, drop out of over-consumption, work 20 hr/wk online and live as philosophy kings in ‘poor’ countries, or in the ‘poor’ hinterlands of USA/Europe.)

I would rather not be so condescending toward the alt-right — at its core are wildly legitimate grievances — but the fact is that they lack the political will to power. They prefer negative emotional feedback loops, glorifying entertainer-leaders. They do not know what they /really/ want changed, and are not willing to properly understand the situation such that they might fix it.

The world will be crowded when your children grow old. Make sure they are useful, beloved custodians to the rest of humanity — will make you ‘powerful’. When it gets crowded, move to the mountaintops. Your ego and your racial ego are only phenomena. You will drown all the same. Till then, find a middle path that will take you up that good hill.

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