On the Symbiosis of Rich Republicans and Rich Democrats

‘Leftism and rightism’, as they have come to be defined in the US, are the ideologies of the winners and the losers, respectively. Over time, rent-seeking behaviors and nepotism begin exacerbating this power-distance until there is a run-off in the form of violent conflict. The longer such conflict is forestalled, the greater chance there is for the loser to win — or at least level the playing field — because it allows time for more talented individuals to be funneled into the losers’ side.

By leftism in the US, of course, I don’t mean true egalitarians or communists — I mean wealthy socialists who subsidize their claim to hegemony by giving handouts and fostering dependence, expanding the ‘vulnerable’ class.

This is why there is a well-documented pattern of violent conflicts happening as the result of disparities reaching a peak. This is true both of Nazi Germany and WWII and the Bolshevik revolution.

It’s important to note that these super-rich ‘leftists’ are able to frame, through unmatched influence in the media, discussion about progressive taxation such that the tax brackets do massive damage to their closest SES competitors, the ‘merely rich’ yet which they, meanwhile, are able to weather. Even though the wealth/income between the Donald Trumps and the Jeff Bezoses of the world are disparate by a factor of 50, a 90% tax rate on the whole ‘billionaire class’ is going to cripple Trump’s ability to accrue returns on capital. Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, with his remaining billions, will not sustain so much as a dent on his ability to accrue returns on capital which massively outstrips economic growth.

It’s important to remember that capital, and indeed any good, is not an inherent absolute good. What matters most is the socioeconomic differential. This is why the elite and their rationalizers in academia (like John Rawls and many others milking the Ivy League brand prestige) are so desperate to hollow out the middle class both nationally and globally.

It is important to note, moreover, that the ‘merely rich’ second-rate billionaires who do end up espousing anti-progressive taxation beliefs, like Trump, are being used by the super rich at the very same time that the super rich are tugging at the rug underneath them (IE: the over-wide upper tax bracket). The super rich, who nominally advocate high taxation, are able to free ride on the merely rich, like Trump, even while they call him miserly. It’s not an accident that Republicans so often succeed at passing tax cuts on the wealthy — the Jeff Bezoses and even the Warren Buffets let him even while they demure.

What, then, is the solution? Firstly, we need to stop conflating the ruse of ‘socialist redistribution by taxing the rich’ with communism. In reality, that kind of socialist redistribution is in symbiosis with the capitalists who see us as inputs into the machine which power their bubbles on high. If it helps them self-delude into thinking they are moral, then they will gladly burn us all alive. The fact that so many people whom I consider my allies not only declare taxation as theft, but indeed call communism the enemy saddens me deeply because communism is not the enemy, at least not in its essential form.

I typically hesitate to condemn as evil the ‘elite’, and I don’t mean to impute some kind of inhuman greed in them. Kindness and power come hand in hand. The only difference is that the further you scale up — the further your engagement with others becomes less affective and more economic — the more estranged you become, the more you find yourself surrounded solely by flatterers. At that point, even if you’re still a kind person, you are kind only in the sense of abiding by certain principles. Even then, you are prone to lose touch and become complacent in your bubble and your power distance.

What then is the solution? National borders and a free market? National socialism? National communism? Global communism? As I shall argue in some time to come, I believe that global socialism is inevitable, built atop the kernel of capitalism. What I believe needs to change is for the expansion of groups rights within this, in the spirit of freedom of religion, such that people can opt out of being permitted by their group/religion from being manipulated by consumer capitalism. They could also opt out of being required to believe that racial inequality is caused by them, and so could opt-out of losing seats in education/employment due to affirmative action policies (which are now the norm, under the guise of ‘diversity’).

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