“Poor whites aren’t the problem – rich whites are!”

1/ Tl;dr of the progressive socialist’s anti-whiteism in the Trump era: “We’re not against poor whites, only rich whites. Therefore, we will create special hurtles for all whites, and opaque ceilings, such that fewer of them end up well-off.” 2/ “Then our line graphs of white income/wealth will come closer to converging with non-white income/wealth.… Read More “Poor whites aren’t the problem – rich whites are!”

The Time has Come for Mass De-Anonymization

We have made previously unimaginable strides in the past year. “Anti-white” and “anti-white-ism” are well on their ways to becoming English vernacular. It’s becoming OK to be white. Even the skeptic community is beginning to come around. On college campuses, to be a pro-white advocate is to rise above the crowd as an impenetrable enigma.… Read More The Time has Come for Mass De-Anonymization


The value of the individual is compromised under globalization and high human populations. Each person becomes an interchangeable point-particle whose means of self-fulfillment becomes commoditized by global corporations. This is an argument for localization. Antiracism inherently demands globalization. The UN’s CERD demands mass immigration in order to teach racial tolerance. Their original motivation was to… Read More Locality