Criticism of My ‘Inequality’ Class

With regards to the ‘broadening and deepening’ of the study of the political economy of inequality, I would place emphasis chiefly on its broadening. I would do so inasmuch as I would explore alternative explanations into the fundamental causes of human inequity, inclusive of but not limited to growing socioeconomic inequality. First and foremost, such… Read More Criticism of My ‘Inequality’ Class

“There’s No Such Thing as ‘Sound Science'”

Christie Aschwanden wrote a great piece on entitled “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Sound Science’”. Always one to notice and harp on patterns, I can’t help but apply this article’s defense of scientific evidence for climate change to why it’s so outlandish that hereditarian, race-realist theories are still popularly discarded as ‘bunk’. Climate change… Read More “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Sound Science'”

The Only Way to Steer America Away from the Cliff

In this video, I present the argument that enduring peace in the USA is highly improbable unless the public begins to actively engage the principal, legitimate grievances of the Alt-Right movement. I explore concepts of conflict theory and cognitive science, philosophy and religion and so on, applying them to the pivotal case of our era.… Read More The Only Way to Steer America Away from the Cliff

Introducing Myself to Black Lives Matter

I was talking to my housemate today, who studied Public Policy in school, about how to know when the effort to remove barriers to upward mobility among historically disadvantaged groups can be considered ‘complete’. This is a question of critical importance, and one which social movements themselves might be the only barometers for. The popular… Read More Introducing Myself to Black Lives Matter